Dižajai Užupes Republikai veltīta himniska MŪZIKA – pasaulē un pašā valstī.

20 Jan

Užupis, a district of Vilnius, in lithuania. This track draws inspiration from the constitution, motto, flag, and mainly the aesthetic of this self-proclaimed (Art) State. Great flag, great motto, and a thought-provoking concept.


On The Other Side Of The RiverOn the other side of the river,
the farthest bank from where we are.
Circled in our palm, see the future,
everyone may share what we possess.In Užupis. In Užupis.

Don’t fight.
Don’t win.
Don’t surrender.

Circled in our palm, our unimportance.
Circle in a palm, a right to exist.
Circled in our palm, see the future.
Everyone may share what we possess.

In Užupis. In Užupis.

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