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06 Oct

The KGB Spy Kicked Out From England Thrives in Užupis Scanpix

Feliksas Dzeržinskis, founder and leader of the secret Bolshevik police Cheka (Special Commission) known as GPU, OGPU, NKVD and KGB (Committee for State Security) later, came with his mother to Vilnius from Ašmena locality and settled in Paupio Street 128 years ago. There was a F. Dzeržinskis’ Museum at Paupio Str. 26 but it burned down successfully in 2011. However, the KGB spirit remained to live in Paupio Street. Jurij Sagaidak has registered his company there. The same J. Sagaidak used to work undercover as correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, and was expelled from United Kingdom in 1989 as a spy. Though J. Sagaidak cannot show up in Britain, Lithuania welcomes him open-armed.

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