Born in Moscow in 1959. Graduated 1983 Moscow Literature institute. Translates books, theatre, poetry from English, French, Polish, Byelorussian, Italian to Lithuanian, Russian, English. Writes essays, reviews, librettoes, screenplays. Studied poetry therapy in 1999-2000 in Art and Trauma Institute in New York, and leads seminars on PT, creative writing and translation.

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzhupis Republic (artistic country in Uzhupis district of the Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania) from it’s beginning in 1998 is developing contacts with other micronations (f.e. Christiania, BRN, Monmartre and others), small towns, districts of the cities of all the world; he also
inaugurated Ambassadors in professions, arts, hobbies, tastes, like Poetry, Esperanto,  Chocolate, Utopia, Travelling Photography, Paradise, KAIROS, Canadian Cats, Little dogs, Blondines, etc., etc.
Motto: “Each one has a country of his Heart and we are it’s diplomats”
His other beloved mottoes are “Small is beautiful”; “Among the arts we choose pantomime and circus”; “Let’s do something crazy, something absolutely wrong”, “If You want freedom, go home”;”King and Clown wouldn’t survive without each other”; “Let’s climb the light stairs of imagination”
Winner of a big competititon “Haiku for Vilnius” in 2009.
He is a member of Catholic church, also of a Sufi order, and believes that world is saved by prayers, though also by “little movements” and “modrate decisions” of culture; and our hopes should be in the unpredictable paradoxes of world history.
Now he is is busy creating a life-long Uzhupis University of Tolerance and other Useful Things (together with Uzhupis Minister of Culture Ulf Hallan), which he proposes to be an ECP programm.