Hārvardas KGB arhīva materiāli komisiju lietošanai. – Kolēģa I. Zālītes pienesums citastarp.

29 Jul

Top-Secret History of KGB, 1977, Chapters 1-12 and appendix.

This top-secret 639-page history of the Soviet state security organs was completed in 1977 under the auspices of Viktor Chebrikov, the deputy head of the KGB (who later became head of the agency). The book was intended for use in the KGB’s special academy for the training of senior officers. The book provides a detailed history of the KGB and its predecessor agencies from 1917 through the mid-1970s. The book is still classified top secret in Moscow and is unavailable there.

The copy here was obtained in Riga, Latvia in July 1997, courtesy of Indulis Zalite, a Latvian archival researcher.

Unlike in Russia, the Latvian government has declassified all documents from the Soviet era, and they are now freely available to researchers.


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