Latgaliešu prof. Dr. Leonarda LATKOVSKA iniciēts M. ĀDLERA pētījums. – Novaja Zemļa.. “Atom-GULAGS”.

19 Aug

Pirms kāda laika LOIB mītnē  ciemojās un stāstīja par sava slavenā tēva un savu zinātnieka devumu mūsu izcilais novadnieks no ASV Dr. Leonards Latkovskis. Viņa interešu loks visai daudzos virzienos sakrīt ar Latvijas kolēģu aktivitātēm..


The Russian island of Novaya Zemlya has long been known as a place of mystery and tragedy. It was home to possibly the harshest Soviet forced labor camp and, later, became the nuclear test site with the most detonations in world history.

Germantown resident Mike Adler has written a book about the history of the island, drawn from a declassified CIA report from 1958 and other historical records.

Adler became interested in the island about five years ago after returning to school at Hood College.

During a seminar course about Russian history led by Professor Len Latkovski, Adler was encouraged to research Novaya Zemlya.

“I had become interested in this place a number of years ago and encountered the same problem that many others have – there’s not a lot of information about it,” Latkovski said. “It is considered by Russian experts now as the most secret of all the Gulag camps.”

Limited information was available because both the forced labor camps and the nuclear testing site were secret, Adler and Latkovski said.

“No one had done a complete history of (the camps there),” Latkovski said. “The conditions were so severe and it was so far away, very few people returned. Among the Gulag prisoners, it was a place they didn’t want to go. Being sent there was basically being sentenced to death.”



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