Pēteris Laķis un grupa darba seminārā ABRENĒ, – kas kļuvusi par simbolu tautas trešai atmodai (Dr. J. Stradiņš).

01 Jan




No Abrenes Avīzes, 1991.g. pavasarī, Nr.3




3 responses to “Pēteris Laķis un grupa darba seminārā ABRENĒ, – kas kļuvusi par simbolu tautas trešai atmodai (Dr. J. Stradiņš).

  1. Vilmar

    27/04/2014 at 09:29

    Hey Joel,Thanks for the questions I’d be happy to exlaipn .I love talking about this stuff!But first, let me say that the goal of this production isn’t to demonstrate the full potential of the equipment, etc. The goals, in the order of priority, are:1. Make a fun and inspiring video about these recording sessions2. Demonstrate the brainstorming/decision-making process used to achieve a desired musical/sonic outcome3. Produce an effective track based on a deliberate idea of what that means for the given track (e.g., danceable or natural or ethereal or )4. Discuss the outcome with anyone and everyone, such as yourselfThe goal for this particular session was to create a dance track. Consequently, it may not sit well with certain people or settings. Nonetheless, we had a goal in mind, and I did my best to achieve it.Back to your production questions the compression on the drums is somewhat unrelated to the idea of drummer’s point of view . The drummer’s point of view is more related to the depth of field. That is, the mix was made to feel like you were sitting in the drummer’s seat on the stage. The depth of field is created by the varying proximity of the instruments, from close to far: Bass, Percussion, Synth, Gtr, Horns, Vocals. The compression on the kick drum is a 3-band compressor. It’s purpose is to shape the tone of the kick drum, specifically for the kick to have shake-your-booty’ impact while still sitting nicely in the mix. If instead I just lowered everything else and turned-up the drums, the balance of the mix would be thrown off. Plus, the tone of the kick is exactly what was in my head for this track so I went for it!But this use of compression is somewhat different then reducing the dynamics of the performance (i.e., what is used to boost volume). Specifically, my use of compression on the kick is affecting the micro-dynamics that is, the dynamics of the envelope of the kick drum (the attack, decay, release, sustain). So, please keep in mind that this production style was used for this track for aesthetic (subjective) purposes not to compete with FM radio. I’d hope that all of my productions would transcend genre and be enjoyable for EVERYBODY perhaps I came up short this time. Please sign up for future videos the next video features a delicate yet lush track that is mostly acoustic and minimally processed (and not built for the dance floor!).Best,-e



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